40s War Costumes

Tell Your Tale With These Smiffys 1940s Vintage Vestment Wholesale Fancy Dress Costumes. From Land Girls To Officers These War Costumes Let You Party Your Way To Victory.
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WW2 British Officer Costumes
WW2 British Officer Fancy Dress Costumes Featuring Green Trench Coat, Mock Shirt, Tie And Ammo Pouch.
WW2 Home Guard Private Costumes
Smiffys Wholesale WW2 1940S Home Guard Fancy Dress Costumes Includes Trousers, Ankle Covers, Jacket, Hat And Harness Belt.
WW2 Army Girl Costumes
WW2 Army Girl Fancy Dress Costumes Featuring Green Jacket With Mock Shirt, Skirt And Hat.
WW2 Air Force Female Costumes
Smiffys Wholesale 1940s WW2 Female Air Force Captain Fancy Dress Costumes Includes Jacket, Mock Shirt Front With Tie And Belt.
WW2 Air Force Captain Male Costumes
Smiffys Wholesale Mens WW2 Air Force Captain Costume Includes Trousers, Jacket, Hat And Tie.
WW2 Land Girl Costumess
Smiffys Forces WW2 land girl fancy dress costumes includes, top, dungaree and head scarf.
WW2 Green Land Girl Costumes
WW2 Land Girl Fancy Dress Costumes Featuring Khaki Dungarees, Top And Headscarf.
WW2 Army Pin Up Spice Darling Costumes
Smiffys Forces WW2 army pin up spice darling fancy dress costumes includes, green and khaki dress and hat.
Naval Seaman Costumes
Smiffys Naval Seaman fancy dress costume. This costume comes complete with hat, top and trousers.
Black Gas Mask
Smiffys Forces black gas mask, on display card.
Brown Flying Hat
Smiffys Icons And Idols brown flying hat, on display card.
WW2 Tommy Hats
Adult WW2 Green Soldier Tommy Hats.

Products 1 to 12 (of 21)

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