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GO International were the first balloon wholesaler to introduce professional balloon training to the UK. Over 30 years ago, balloon courses simply didn't exist and to learn more about this fascinating art, required a trip to the USA, the home of Balloon Training. It has always been our goal to offer quality unbiased training, where you the student get maximum benefit from our courses. We have always believed quality balloon training should open your eyes to all the products available for your business. We have always (sometimes to our cost), refused to allow any manufacturer to dictate what balloons could and couldn't be used.

When you attend a GO International Balloon Training course, we will never attempt to sell you products you may never need. In fact, most of our courses are held away from our warehouse, so we can all focus purely on learning, with no distractions of a busy warehouse.

More importantly, when you attend a GO International Balloon Training Course, our commitment to you is ongoing and you will be given immediate access to our closed Facebook group, where you can interact with our trainers and students and receive help and advice for as long as you need us.

Our Balloon Training Courses are also on point and move with the times. As the UK's leading wholesaler we believe we understand the ever changing balloon market better than anyone else. It's why you will always see us innovating and never imitating. Some of our latest courses include Aqua Balloons. In fact GO International were the first UK company to fly out and meet the manufacturer of the amazing versatile product. We worked very closely with the Queen Of Aqua, Carla Romina Finali, who is undoubtedly single headedly responsible for the success of this product, to bring Aqua Balloons to the UK.

Currently in the UK, and worldwide, we are experiencing a balloon gas shortage, we have therefore introduced an air filled training day, where you will learn some amazing tips and designs which will undoubtedly set you apart from your competition.

Balloon Training is something the balloon market doesn't always do well, it's looked at by many as a revenue generating stream rather than an outstanding learning experience. Regrettably there are numerous courses which are nothing more than a hook to entice you into buying wholesale balloons and party products, coupled with bad advice and untrained teachers. GO International courses will always be lead by fully trained approved instructors, in many cases NABAS teachers, BUT if they do not have the skill set required to deliver an outstanding Balloon Training Course for you, we will never hesitate in finding the very best trainers available, so you can be sure any time you spend with us will give you the subject matter you need form the best balloon trainers possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our Balloon Training Courses soon and working with you in helping your business flourish.

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Stevenage 29th July Airfilled Decor Including Aqua Course
Training Course To Include Airfilled Decor Including Aqua Balloons. Monday 29th July Toby Carvery Stevenage: NABAS approved course Airfilled...
Stevenage 30th July Classic VS Organic Decor
Stevenage Tuesday 30th July Toby Carvery: NABAS Approved Training Course Classic vs Organic Decor £105 + vat (£10 off for NABAS members)...
NABAS Card And Share Cards
50 FREE Care & Share Cards Available To NABAS Members Only. Please enter your NABAS number at checkout to receive your free share cards. Another...

Products 1 to 3 (of 3)

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