Balloon Gas Hire And Equipment

  • At G.O. International we are in the unique position to be able to offer you helium gas canisters from both BOC and Airproducts to meet your balloon filling requirements.
  • Alll prices include delivery and collection of empties
  • To work out the most suitable cylinder you require simply use the diagrams below. Inflation figures are estimates. Temperature, inflation technique and balloon type will affect the number of balloons inflated.
  • When ordering balloon gas for the first time, proof of address is required, this should be emailed to or faxed to 01438745747.
  • When receiving your gas canister ask the delivery driver to show you the content of the cylinder. If you are not happy with the canister, do not accept delivery.
  • Orders for cylinders need to be placed by 2.00pm for next day delivery.
  • Air Products and BOC will not deliver to residential addresses. Please call us so we can locate your closest depot for collection and return.
  • We also offer disposal helium gas which comes with a filling valve, has no monthly rental charge and cheaper delivery charges.

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Original Screw In Balloon Inflator
The Extremely Durable Economy Inflator Is Great For Rental Cylinders. Flex Tilt Valve Allows User To Inflate Foil And Latex Balloons.
Air Product Universal Inflator
An Air Product  flex tip inflator for latex balloons x1
Air Products Push Valve Inflator
The Air Products Push Valve is tapered to easily most sizes of latex and foil balloons.
Push Valve Screw In Balloon Inflator
The Air Products Screw In Valve is tapered to easily fit most sizes of latex and foil balloons.
The Universal Plus has a flex tip inflator for information of latex balloons and a seperate auto-fill foil outlet that automatically stops when the...
Air Product 10ft Extension Hose
Air Products Flexi Fill Extension Hose Inflator. Versatile Quick Fitting Lets You Change The Outlet To Meet The Need Of A Particular Job.
Qualatex Precision Plus Inflator
Precision plus inflators automatically inflate foil balloons to the perfect pressure and size. The latex balloon filling outlet is available with a...
Auto Fill Foil Outlet
Quick Connection for Extension Hose Inflator, With Auto Cut Out for foil balloons
Qualatex 10ft Extension Hose Inflator
The 10-ft Extension Hose Inflator's versatile quick-disconnect fitting lets you easily change the hose outlet to meet the specific need for any...
Flexi Tilt Valve Outlet
Quick Disconnect Flexi Tip Latex Inflator.
60/40 Helium/Air OutLet
The 10ft Extension Hose Inflator's Versatile Quick Disconnect Fitting Lets You Easily Change The Hose OutLets Includeing The 60/40 Helium/Air...
60/40 Helium/Air Inflater
This 60/40 Helium/Air Inflator, Inflates 16 inch And Larger Balloons With A Mix Of 60 Per Cent Helium And 40 Per Cent Air. This Will Save 40 Per Cent...

Products 1 to 12 (of 22)

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