Sky Lanterns

A major benefit of releasing your own sky lanterns, rather than lighting fireworks, is that they are far safer than fireworks and made from non-flammable bio-degradeable paper. Light a Lantern’s sky lanterns will arrive with full release and safety instructions. To make sure you stay safe whilst enjoying them, please follow these guidelines:

  • Familiarise yourself with the sky lanterns before lighting and launching them. Please refer to the release instructions for more information.
  • Do not launch in wind conditions that make lighting the lantern difficult. In any case ensure that the wind is not stronger than 5 mph (please refer to a weather forecast for approximate wind speeds in your area such as
  • Unpack the lanterns away from the source of ignition. Never light lanterns whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Never smoke whilst handling the lanterns.
  • Before the lantern is launched, the naked flame must be supervised at all times.
  • Launching a sky lantern in strong winds, that is torn or has burn holes in may cause premature landing and fire at the point of grounding.
  • Check the wind direction prior to releasing the flying lanterns – obstacles such as buildings and trees should not be in the direct flight path of the lantern and must be at least 30 metres away.
  • Do not release lanterns within a five mile radius of an operational airport or landing strip or within two miles of a major road or motorway.
  • Do not release the flying sky lanterns in an area where the glow could be confused as a distress signal.
  • Prior to use, all lanterns should be kept in a dry, secure place away from children.
  • Ensure that all children are kept under supervision and away from the source of ignition during the release.
  • Always ensure that any naked flames are supervised and never left unattended. Make sure you have water and / or fire extinguishers at hand.
  • Do not light and release the sky lanterns wearing flammable clothing in case the flame from the wick ignites the clothing. For additional safety, protective gloves can be worn.

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