18th Birthday Party Essentials

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Organising an 18th birthday party can be, it’s fair to say, a bit tricky. After all, we all remember when we were 18. It’s one of life’s major milestones, a key moment in a teenager’s maturation into an adult. You won’t, therefore, want to mess up the planning of an 18th-birthday party for someone special in your own life. 

Potentially difficult aspects of staging 18th-birthday celebrations include finding a well-located and suitably equipped venue, as well as striking the right ‘tone’ with the party. 

One thing that doesn’t have to be overly challenging, however, is sourcing the various smaller supplies that can help to make an 18-birthday party truly special. Indeed, the below are just some of the party essentials available from GO International that work really well when someone’s celebrating reaching the big 1-8.

18th birthday gold celebration napkins

You’ll always need some napkins for an 18th-birthday bash, so you might as well spell out the all-important number and wish the birthday boy or girl a great one in style. This 16-pack consists of 33cm gold, black and silver luncheon napkins for a great price.

18th birthday pink celebration plates

Whatever the gender of whoever’s celebrating hitting 18, we won’t judge you for helping yourself to an eight-pack of these fun pink plates! Or to be more specific, they’re pink, black and silver, which helps to make them a great match to various 18th-birthday themes. 

12” 18th birthday mixed stars latex balloons

We should probably emphasise at this point that not all of the party essentials you buy for someone turning 18 strictly need to spell out the number… but if there’s one item that perhaps should, it’s surely the balloons that will be everywhere around the venue. Anyway, the 25 latex balloons in this pack include gold, silver and black balloons, all with white print.

Happy 18th birthday blue holographic banner

A banner of some kind is another logical addition to your party essentials for that special person’s 18th – they make a big visual impact for not very much outlay, instantly making any birthday bash even more ‘Instagrammable’. We love this blue holographic number, measuring some nine feet or 2.7 metres long – although you’ll also find many other fun banners in our store.

Giant Tallulah Chic painted 18th birthday Champagne glass

While we’re on the subject of visual impact, a giant Champagne glass is certainly another fine way of achieving it. Many people’s 18th birthday parties are not a sedate affair – they’re for, as the base of this particular big glass reads, “loving it”. So, why not do exactly that with this stylish number measuring 115mm in diameter and 370mm tall, and capable of holding two wine bottles?

18th birthday party invitations

And of course, none of the above-mentioned fun will be possible if no one even knows your or someone else’s 18th-birthday party is going on. Some presentable invitations, then, like these black, white and silver ones with envelopes, are likely to be on your shopping list when you’re sourcing party essentials from a store like ours. 

Whether it’s your own or another person’s 18th-birthday party you’re helping to organise, they won’t ever have another one – so they deserve to enjoy a brilliant one. These are just some of the party products we’re proud to have in our extensive and regularly updated online range.


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