How To Select The Right Balloon Decorations!

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As a party planner or event company, you have a major responsibility on your hands. You’ll be tasked with making your client’s birthday party, engagement party, wedding, corporate bash or other big event look and feel as special as it’s supposed to be – and to help ensure that, you’ll require the right party supplies from the right party supplier.  

Certainly, one fixture of many such celebrations is balloon decoration, and if you’re thinking of adding some to your own client’s major bash or launch, there are a few aspects of them that it will help you to know about. 

First of all… why decorate with balloons? 

Well, the simpler question to answer might be, why shouldn’t you decorate with balloons? Balloons are a straightforward and cost-effective form of decoration that can instantly transform the ‘vibe’ of a room. 

You can choose from so many different types and colours of balloon decorations, and there are so many ways and places to use them, too, including at entrances, as table arrangements, on dance floors, or just generally around a room. 

So, what types of balloons are available? 

Broadly speaking, you’ll need to choose between two types of the balloon for your client’s event: latex or foil. While standard foil balloons are designed to be inflated with helium, latex balloons lend themselves well to being filled with air or helium, depending on the quality of the balloon. 

Naturally, these different balloon types have certain pros and cons that you’ll need to consider when sourcing them for your client’s event. The self-sealing nature of standard foil balloons, for instance, saves you from having to knot them, but they also don’t biodegrade. It’s therefore crucial not to release them outside, or – if you do have them outdoors – to keep them firmly weighted or tied to a heavy object.  

Latex balloons, meanwhile, are often available for temptingly low prices, but if you want to inflate them with helium, you’ll need to ensure they are of good enough quality to allow for this. Lesser-quality latex balloons might be able to take helium, but may quickly deflate, which will have implications for how far in advance of the event you can inflate them. 

What else will you need to think about when ordering balloon decorations? 

Of course, there are a lot of other aspects of the event you’re planning for your client that will influence the approach you take with the accompanying balloon decorations. 

The theme and colours, for example, will certainly be big factors. A child’s birthday party may call for the use of mixed primary colours, or even the colours of their favourite football team. If, meanwhile, it’s a wedding for which you’re sourcing such decorations, you might opt for a ‘traditional’ wedding colour like white, ivory, gold or silver as a base, perhaps then adding other, more vibrant or unexpected colours that are important too, or otherwise representative of the couple. 

Apply your imagination to the task of choosing which balloons to place where in the event venue, and you will be able to help to create a look and feel quite unlike that of any other event. You must also arrange those decorations safely, using a trolley to carry helium and never breathing the helium, which can be fatal. 

Partner with a party supplier that can give you the best-quality and well-priced balloons for the event in question, and it’ll be even easier for you to make this event one your client will remember for all of the fondest reasons. 


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