Don’t buy what you want… Buy what you need!!

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There’s an abundance of choice, and sometimes confusion when it comes down to who you buy your balloons and party products from, and it’s exactly the same for your customers. If you’re unable to have a compelling reason as to why they should choose you, the chances are they’ll go for the cheapest option, and it’s another sale to our good friends at Card Factory, or indeed Janice down the road, happy to support the black economy, and make a little extra on the side (sorry Janice)!  So what’s your compelling reason for your prospective customer to give you their hard earned cash? Why are you their “Go To” supplier of choice? And even if you know the answer, does your customer?

Our industry has become mega competitive, and over saturated. A significant contributory factor was the sudden surge of new balloon businesses that emerged during the pandemic. Our industry presented a unique opportunity for many individuals to thrive, after all, how hard can it be to sell a balloon right? But as normality returned, it also exposed that sustainable success requires much more than just being in the right place at the right time. All of a sudden, Janice no longer knew what to do to sell all the balloons she had purchased, and Facebook groups and eBay became awash with “closing down sale” balloon stock (sorry Janice)!

But my concern now is that I’m seeing many good businesses, including those with great potential, either looking to call it a day, or struggling to survive. The dream of running a successful, profitable balloon business is unfortunately proving elusive for many, and that’s a shame.

At GO International, it’s never been about being just another wholesaler, playing follow the follower. The past 35 years have proven this, and if I’m not mistaken, we now have the accolade of The Balloon Wholesaler that has survived for the longest period of time, and still led by its original founder! (God, I’m getting old!!). All these young whippersnappers, (an old person’s term meaning a young person who is over confident, and shows no respect towards others, especially older people) keep popping up!

But here’s the thing, I never want our company to be classed as just another wholesaler, but rather be seen as a “Trusted Advisor”. A title I am comfortable owing, and can quantify, and claim to have earned over the decades.

So based on an email I received just half an hour ago, that’s forced me away from Bank Holiday Monday Coronation Street, I’m going to ask you to please take a long hard look at your business, and realise that right now, it’s so important that you buy what you NEED and not what you WANT. As a business, you have to become committed to your long-term success, even if it means that we as your wholesaler…I mean “Trusted Advisor”, don’t sell you as much in the short term.

We recognise that introducing unnecessary new colours, or products will not serve you well right now. I’ve seen enough retailers, and decorators with almost full jars, or bags of balloons, because a customer wanted 5, and they didn’t want to lose the sale, and are now sitting on the remaining 95, hoping that one day, they will come in handy, maybe as sand-weights! Focus on selling what you have, and more importantly providing guidance and advice, and becoming the expert your customers are looking for. I’m confident that with some creative thought, and maybe some double stuffing, you already have the colour you and your customer need in the hundreds of bags, or jars of balloons that you have already invested in.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to working with you towards a better and more sustainable future for our industry.


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