Roses are red, violets are blue it’s time to find out why we’re the best match for you!

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So yesterday was Valentines, how could we miss it when we are in an industry where we turn the World pink and red, and every shop window is a shrine of heart balloons and chocolates! Whether Valentines is your thing or not, I hope you were feeling the love yesterday, and sales met your expectations.  In the interest of continuing to spread the love, I wanted to reach out to you with our latest update.

Much like Valentine’s Day, great business relationships are all about making connections and standing out from the crowd. As we celebrated love and connection, I thought how finding the right match for you isn’t important, it’s crucial in building consistent success. And just like finding the perfect Valentine, finding the right supplier/partner can make all the difference between success and failure to you, and your brand.

Having recovered from our week away at the spring fair, I’m actually delighted to be in the sanctuary and tranquillity of my office, with affordable coffee and snacks on tap! However it was lovely to meet so many of you at the show, and I was delighted to spend time with both valued suppliers and clients alike. Plus, I hear that those of you that visited the NABAS stand, loved our Jelly Hearts and Aquas, that made up part of their amazing display. If you haven’t used our hearts, these are an absolute must for all serious balloon artists. Our 14” Jelly Heart use 50% less balloon gas than a standard foil heart, yet stays fully inflated and floats for 30 days plus! Plus they really do stand out from the crowd and look stunning! As for our Aquas, they remain the very clearest of all clear balloons, and are now available in 5 sizes ranging from 7cm to 47cm, plus the addition of our Easy Wrap Aqua, making gifts in a balloon a breeze! Check out the link below for full details on our Takarakosan Jelly & Aqua Range Exclusively Available From GO International!

Considering the doom and gloom of the outside world, it would be fair to say the mood within the halls was somewhat cautious, but relatively positive and optimistic. In the main, there was good footfall, strong interest and encouraging orders. There was an array of new latex colours and new foil designs from all our leading manufacturers, most of the new product set to be on our shelves over the coming weeks. So make sure to regularly check the “What’s New Section” on our website.

As for our pricing structure, we abide by the recommended manufactures wholesale selling price for many reasons.  It’s a fair price and allows everyone to make a realistic margin. It protects our industry, prevents our products being devalued and stops a free for all race to the bottom, where ultimately no one wins. Selling products is relatively easy but we’ve always taken a holistic approach to a business owner’s needs, and if you haven’t experienced the love, this will become more apparent over the coming months. We have a reputation for not playing follow the follower, and more importantly, being able to serve you with the products you want, when you need them! It’s just one of the reasons why, that after 35 years of creating our industry, we are still classed as the UK’s leading Importer and Wholesaler of everything Party!

As for who can and cant use us, that’s an easy one to answer. If you are a balloon and party professional, decorator, crafter, entertainer, retailer, genuine business owner, we are here for you, and if you do fall into any of those categories, we should be working together, because if it’s one thing that will get us through difficult times, it’s strong relationships, and over the past few years we strongly believe we’ve dominated when it comes to delivering on our promises.

As for trade associations and membership sites, if you’ve taken the time to take your craft seriously and have joined either of these, then we do offer a membership discount, so if you’re a NABAS or BAPIA Member contact us for details.

When you understand the value we bring to your business, and our commitment to your success, you’ll feel loved with every connection we have. More and more are realising that not all wholesalers are the same & we look forward to showing you the GO difference!


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