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There are two primary reasons why most businesses never reach their full potential, or worse fail completely. That’s effective marketing and correct pricing.

It’s essential we always know our numbers; how much we want to make and indeed how much we need to make. Our mindset tends to control our comfort levels when it comes to what our prices should be. What most do is check the competition, look at who’s the highest and who’s the lowest and pitch somewhere in the middle.

The summary of this is a belief that our price must be controlled by our competitor’s price. That’s a dangerous mindset to have. The skill is charging what you believe you are worth, and more importantly, getting it! There is a market somewhere for every price point as long as you can justify your pricing. Just make sure you’re in the right place for your pricing!

So many are working in this industry for way below minimum wage. That’s why the primary factor must be how much money you want to make based on your time and investment. Never be afraid to set fair pricing. Stop working for little or indeed nothing, unless there’s a very valid reason for a very short-term strategy!

At GO International, you can be sure that our prices are the recommended wholesale selling price as set by the world’s leading manufacturers. There is no smoke and mirrors. We don’t inflate our selling prices and then offer discounts. We certainly don’t want to be an agitator in a crowded market. 

More importantly, we respect our industry and we respect our customers. Not only does discounting devalue the products, but it also sends the wrong message to the marketplace – that we’re unable to charge the correct asking price, or charge a fair price for our products. The question we continually ask ourselves is, do we believe in ourselves and the added value and knowledge we bring? There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking a fair, agreed price for the products we sell.

At GO International, we’ve been taking care of valued balloon and party professionals just like you for over 35 years. When it comes to balloons and parties, we know that no other company has the product knowledge, industry insights and ability to support you through good times and bad. We continually keep our valued clients trading when others simply can’t! Selling products is relatively easy, but genuinely caring about your success, and being both willing and able to help, is what sets great businesses apart. 

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