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When it comes to iconic brands, few can rival the worldwide recognition and popularity of Barbie. Created by Mattel in 1959, Barbie has become a cultural icon and a symbol of empowerment for generations of children. However, such fame also comes with its share of challenges, as unauthorised use of the Barbie logo and brand imagery has been a persistent issue. In this blog piece, we will explore what you can and can’t do when it comes to Barbie themed set ups and what it means for you and your business if you BREAK THE RULES!

What is copyright infringement?

Copyright infringement is when someone uses or copies a creative work that IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT AND belongs to someone else without getting permission. In the context of Barbie it’s using the logo, the fonts and anything that was made specifically for that brand.

What you can’t do:

You CANNOT, and we can’t express how serious this is…. you CANNOT just go onto Google, search for the Barbie logo and use it. You don’t have Mattel’s permission to use their trademarked property and unfortunately some of those who have, have had their social media accounts shut down, received copyright infringement notices and in severe cases legal action taken against them resulting in devastating fines, penalties and even law suits.

Can you download a Barbie logo to create a vinyl sticker for bubble balloons… NO!

Can you download a Barbie logo to make a back drop or prop…. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Can you get an image of a Barbie doll online and use to make banners, party bags, invitations etc… 100% NO!

Unauthorised commercial use of any Barbie logos without proper authorisation AND LICENSING AGREEMENTS from Mattel, Inc. could violate their trademark rights, resulting in potential legal issues.

Fortunately you do have access to Officially Licensed Barbie Balloons and Partywear from GO International!!

What can you do?

You can create Barbie-Inspired creations, think PINK! Using shades of pink, and generic polka dot patterns to create a Barbie-themed party is 100% ok, just as long as you don’t’ try to replicate their fonts, logos or use Barbie images.

You can use licensed merchandise, balloons, banners etc. through reputable wholesalers, wholesalers who have the license through their manufacturers and distributors to sell you licensed Barbie products. And remember just because it’s on Amazon or Etsy doesn’t mean that the seller is authorised to sell Barbie. You need to contact them to ask if they have a license to do this, if they do not give you a straight answer or you are in anyway unsure DON’T BUY IT!

Thankfully GO International do have this so you’re safe with us!!

You can use the hashtag #barbie #barbieparty #barbietheme in your social media posts to help you be seen by a wider audience just make sure you are using it in the context of your post and not just because people will see your image (if it’s not in anyway Barbie related)

As we dive had first into the world of Barbie-themed parties and events in 2023, you need to approach the celebration responsibly, upholding copyright laws and refraining from using unlicensed decorations like props, balloons, props, backdrops and cut-outs. If done correctly Barbie-inspired balloons and parties will not only be magical but also respectful of the creators behind this iconic brand.

If you’re ever in doubt, just ask us, there’s nothing more we want than to keep you and your businesses safe!!


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